Volt - the
paneuropean party

Volt will participate in elections all over Europe!

It is our Europe!  

Volt is the only European party currently in existence. We are forward-looking and stand for a democratic, strong and transparent Europe that puts people first.

We are a movement of young and old, of working people and students, of the countryside and the city. We are very different people, but united in the courage to take responsibility for our Europe!

National parties reach their limits in world politics and populist promises put our peace at risk - that is why we founded Volt. In more than 30 countries, we help shape politics at local, national and European level. Only we can do that! Only a paneuropean party can do that! global challenges need at least European solutions.

Against this background and on the basis of common values and goals, we ask courageous questions and make progressive and fact-based proposals. Only in this way can we turn the social, ecological and technological development of our time into an opportunity for all!

Join in and become active with us!

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Here you can find our sub-chapters Young Volt, Queer Volt and Women of Volt!