Donate to Volt Austria

Donate to Volt Austria

As the only European party we are already the home of many thousands of Europeans! To be able to continue to grow we need your financial support! Only together we can bring about social change and reinvent politics in Europe!

Support our campaign for
the Vienna Elections

Volt Austria is participating in the Vienna Elections 2020 and needs your financial support to make the election campaign possible. We are planning to run for election at district level against parties with much larger budgets. We want to present a pro-European, environmentally friendly and innovative election program that will complete the political participation of all EU citizens in Vienna.


Help us stop the spread of Covid-19 in the European refugee camps. We are collecting free donations for the purchase of breathing masks and other protection goods that can save lives on the Greek islands.  

Our goal is to raise 5.000 EUR to support the Volt Europa #EuropeCares campaign.

Donation via bank transfer

Volt Österreich
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Direct Donation

For donations that exceed a total of 2.500€ per year we publish the identity of the donor as part of our donation policy. This requires the explicit consent of the donor. If this is not given, we will transfer your donation directly back to you.

Young Volt

Young Volt aims to give young people a voice in politics and actively contribute to solutions to important problems in the field of youth and education📚, leisure time🪁, public transport🚆 and social equality in schools.🇪🇺🏳️🌈
Austria needs a European and pragmatic alternative in youth policy, which approaches current issues in a solution-oriented and cooperative way. In addition, we will extend our vision of an individual best practice school system to universities in the future. In addition, we will also launch exciting events and campaigns locally and nationwide. 🇦🇹🇪🇺
We will soon be releasing merchandise such as hoodies, t-shirts and flags and would be happy if you would support politically committed young people.

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Donation to Young Volt

Queer Volt

Our aim is to counteract inequalities and thus ensure that all people in the EU enjoy the same rights and equal opportunities, regardless of their sexual orientation or identity. 🌈
We also want to inform and report on where developments are taking place inside and outside the EU, where discrimination is still taking place or where a further step is being taken in the right direction of equality.
In order for us to become visible in Austria and to be able to carry out information events and campaigns, we need your support! With your help we can gather information about the current situation within and outside of Europe and inform you and the community.

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Donation to Queer Volt

Women of Volt

We at Women of Volt stand up for your rights as a woman! To this end, we organize events, carry out educational work, develop communication campaigns to make our needs and representatives visible, and research the current state of legislation to advance policies for women. All this requires a lot of women's power and therefore time and money.
We have already developed a logo with which you can present your support. There are buttons, t-shirts, hoodies and soon even flags.

Show your colours!

We are happy to receive your energetic and/or monetary donation!

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Merchandise Activity

Volt Austria also has a great collection of t-shirts, hoodies, flags, buttons and more. Support us by buying merchandise items!