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Of course, we are also happy to receive your donation via bank transfer. However, we ask for your understanding that as a political party we have strict requirements when dealing with donations. Please read our instructions before making a bank transfer!

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Payment recipient: Volt Österreich
IBAN: AT66 1500 0005 0138 7849
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Spende an Volt

Please note that for donations over €2,500 we will publish your name on our transparency website.

Important information on appropriation


As a political party, it is unfortunately not possible for us to treat information on the objective or measure-specific use of funds in the sense of a legal appropriation. Although we certainly try to comply with all requests for use of funds wherever possible, we ask for your understanding that this may not be possible in all cases. Especially in the case of premature achievement of a campaign goal, we therefore reserve the right to use the funds for other purposes - but of course only for our participation in elections within Austria!

Donation transparency and donations over €2,500


In dealing with donations, Volt Austria is committed to maintaining high ethical standards and transparency beyond the legal requirements.

Please note that we have voluntarily committed ourselves to publish all donations exceeding € 2,500 per calendar year on this website. With your consent, this helps us to guarantee our political independence. We ask for your understanding that otherwise we will not be able to accept your donation.

For more information, please see our donation policy.

Questions about your donation?


Do you have any questions about your donation? Feel free to contact us directly at vorstand@voltoesterreich.org.

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