Queer Volt

For queer people, it has come a long way within Europe in recent years. From registered civil partnership or equal rights in marriage to the possibility of adopting children, we have achieved a lot. Unfortunately these possibilities do not apply EU-wide. Almost every country has established different ways of living freely and has reduced discrimination. Unfortunately there are also countries within Europe, such as Poland and Hungary, where the freedom of queer people is rather restricted. They increase discrimination by the state and thus promote social rejection of people who do not correspond to the respective idea of normality.

We, Queer Volt, have set ourselves the goal of counteracting this inequality and thus achieving equal rights and opportunities for all people in the EU, regardless of their orientation or identity. Furthermore, we want to inform and report about developments inside and outside the EU, where discrimination is still taking place or where a further step in the right direction, equality, is being taken. As part of Volt, it is also our ambition to establish structures within our party that raise the awareness of our members to recognise discrimination and to fight it.

With your support we are able to monitor the situation in the EU more closely and draw attention to abuses.

You can contact me as QUEER VOLT Coordinator if you have any questions or suggestions for the community !

Colorful best wishes,
Olga Devine

We need you!

If you want to be part of our movement then write to us at the following contact:

Olga Devine

Olga Devine

Coordinator Queer Volt