Women of Volt

In Europe, women make up the majority of the population, with 51% in Austria. One would conclude from this that they are equal to men. If you look at the reality of women's lives, you can see where opportunities and rights diverge between the sexes, or where legislation hinders the change towards equality. This change often needs the support of politics in order to accelerate the social rethinking and to be able to implement it in reality.

We at Women of Volt want to promote this change in thinking and work for the preservation and strengthening of women's rights in Austria and throughout Europe. We want to uncover and clear up discrimination and create a common path to equal opportunities. In this way, we want to deconstruct clichés and sexism and make the realities of women's lives visible. This also applies to all forms of violence against women. We focus our attention on all obstacles in order to dismantle them in a sustainable way, so that women feel free to take any path in life, regardless of their family wishes. We also strive for representation in public offices, management positions or previously male-dominated industries, in everyday life as well as in the media.

In the area of research, we are concerned with advancing women's health (Gender Medicine), since drugs and therapies are often tested on men, but have a different effect due to differences in physiology.

We are open to cooperation with national and international women's movements as well as individuals who work for women's rights.


Carolina Paulmichl

Women of Volt Koordinatorin

As a global citizen in Vienna I stand up for those who are affected by structural discrimination - politics only make sense to me if they are made for everybody. That's why I stand for a consistent, inclusive policy in which we should all have the opportunity to shape the future of tomorrow's Europe.

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