New Politics. A new Europe.

Volt, the Pan-European Political Movement.

Volt is...

… the first Pan-European party and stands for a new, cross-border policy in Europe.

… the voice of all Europeans. It advocates progressive, pragmatic and evidence-based policies.

… is already represented in over 30 European countries and enables us to build a real European democracy.

… an overall concept. We are working on solutions to meet the challenges of our time: From a detailed, Europe-wide roadmap to climate neutrality in 2040, to a sensible and humane approach to migration, to strategies to combat the growing social inequality.

In this way, we want to put populism, racism and corruption in their place and finally tackle transnational issues such as the climate crisis, migration and digitalisation together.

Be part of it and shape the future of Europe with us!

European challenges need European solutions!

🌱 Climate Crisis

🌍 Migration

📱 Digitization

🗣️ Growing Populism

national parties are reaching their limits when it comes to the major social challenges.

That's why we founded Volt, the first cross-border European party and movement. Under this umbrella, Volt now connects more than 33,000 people from over 30 countries. Volt teams from many nations work together on our political solutions, support each other and thus shape politics across national borders.

Austria will also benefit from this, because a look at our European neighbours is often worthwhile: creative solutions for local challenges already exist everywhere in Europe. For example, we are committed to digital administrative procedures as in Sweden, calming traffic like in Barcelona or lifelong learning as in Estonia.

We would be delighted if you would support us in this!

YouTube: Volt - The Pan-European Party

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Every contribution counts!

What drives us are the successes we have already achieved as a young party at municipal and European level. Now we want to grow further and consolidate and expand the professionalisation of our organisation.

🎯 Our goal:

We want to enter the EU Parliament in the next European elections with a strong parliamentary group! In order to reach even more people with our ideas, we need your help. Support us with a small contribution to revolutionise the way politics is done.