The Podcast by and for all Europeans

We make ourselves heard and give Europeans a voice. The official podcast of Volt Austria on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

Volt makes the voice of all Europeans louder !

This is what our podcast is about:

We are creating a mouthpiece that opens up European perspectives, provides insight into everyday life in every corner of our continent and shows what connects us all.  

We will be talking to citizens who will present their contribution to our European diversity, talk about their visions and share their project ideas with you.  

We bring pan-European potential and our Volt values to the world away from day-to-day political issues.

Vienna Elections: Your signature puts Volt on the ballot

We need 50 signatures per district. Then we can compete in these districts. If you want to see Volt on the ballot for the Vienna election, let us know and send us a short e-mail. We will get back to you as soon as the collection of signatures officially starts.

Note: A statement of support is NOT a vote.
It merely allows Volt to be written on the ballot. Who you vote for on October 11 is still up to you!


We're working on the campaign platform. That means you still have a chance to send us your request. Just contact our policy coordinator Daniel Croner.

Weitere Infos findest du in unserem Volt-Europa-Programm. 🇪🇺

Join the movement!

Become part of our great European citizens' movement! Help us decide who will be on the ballot at Volt and what should be on our program. Become a member of Volt.

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