Volt Styria

Graz is a city that is not particularly big, but is all the more characterized by its diversity. Graz is nice and small, but behind every corner there is a story to tell and something to discover. Not only because of the numerous universities, cultures from all over Europe and beyond meet here. That is why the cultural scene in Graz is incredibly colorful and lively. Hardly any other city manages the balancing act between enjoying the natural environment and the hustle of the city as well as Graz!

A city that longs for Pan-European concepts! Ideas are discussed and actions planned in regular meetings in order to help shape the vision of Volt Europa from Graz. Would you like to become part of the team in Graz? Come to our events or contact us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

Do you have any questions about Volt and the Graz team? Contact us via email at steiermark@voltoesterreich.org!