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It's official, we participate in the local elections in Linz. Thanks for your support!

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Why is a pan-European party running in Upper Austria?

Upper Austria is nationally and internationally connected, and so are the challenges of our time: the climate crisis, migration, digitalisation. Many solutions can only be implemented together - from a local to the European level: from a detailed, Europe-wide roadmap to climate neutrality in 2040, to a humane and sensible approach to migration, to strategies to combat the ever-growing social inequality.

Linzer Gemeinderatswahl 2021

Big election day in Upper Austria on 26 September 2021! But we are not the only ones: Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Italy and Portugal are also voting this year, and Volt is involved everywhere! We act, discuss and politicise across Europe. For a real European democracy and a future worth living!

What is our goal in this election?

We see this election as an opportunity to position ourselves in Upper Austria for the first time, to draw attention to Volt, to ensure more political discourse and to strengthen European values. Upper Austria needs Europe. And Europe needs Upper Austria.

Europe and Upper Austria

Upper Austria is nationally and internationally connected as never before, and so are our challenges: it is time to confront the major problems with European solutions.

You want to participate?

No matter how much time you have, you always have the opportunity to get actively involved with Volt!

Our programme


You want to support us, but don't have the time right now?

No problem! As a relatively new movement, we are dependent on donations. 

For the Linz elections we still need flyers, posters and money for our online advertising.

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