Donation Policy

Volt Austria is committed to maintaining high ethical standards and transparency beyond the legal requirements when handling donations.

Donation and Transparency Guidelines:

According to § 2 Z5 PartG, a donation is any payment, contribution in kind or living subsidy that you - as a natural or legal person - grant us without consideration.

No donations as defined by PartG are, in particular, membership fees and donations within the scope of events with a value of up to 100 Euro per person and event, as long as they are not subject to the cash register obligation.

According to § 6 Abs. 6 of the Austrian PartG we may only accept donations within the following guidelines:

  • For donations exceeding a total amount of 2.500€ per year, we are obliged to publish the identity of the donor.
  • We can accept a maximum of 7.500€ per year from each donor.

In the following cases we are unfortunately not allowed to accept your donation (non-exhaustive list):

  • by public law corporations,
  • by non-profit institutions as defined by the German Income Tax Act (EStG) and sports clubs,
  • by companies and institutions in which the public sector has a stake of at least 25%,
  • by foreign natural or legal persons (also from other member states),
  • if they are paid in cash and exceed 500€,
  • from anonymous donors, if the donation is more than 500€,
  • if the donation was recognizably passed on by a third party not named, provided that it amounts to more than 500€,
  • Donations made in expectation of consideration or of a specific economic or legal advantage. Illegal donations will be immediately forwarded to the Court of Auditors.

As a side note: Donations to political parties are not tax deductible in Austria.